Monday, June 20, 2016

Why don't you support the troops and bring them home

By Christopher R Rice Underground Newz

I just read that Chuck Hagel, remember him? And about 50 other top ranking US officials sent Obama a cable with their 'displeasure' that he hasn't removed Assad in Syria.

Oh my gawd Becky, I can't believe the audacity of these lunatics that hold power in our country. Could you, if you would, imagine for just one second another country entering the Civil War in the United States on behalf of the confederates, the rebels. And killing Lincoln, because he didn't fight fair against the rebels.

Because my friends that is exactly what is going on. The US claims that Syria is in the middle of a civil war and we had nothing to do with it. I call Bullsh*t.

The US, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar admit to training, funding and creating the rebel, terrorist groups that are attacking and fighting Assad right now, including ISIS.

Remember the IRA? We, the US, created ISIS. You can lie to yourselves and believe otherwise but who are you trying to convince? Yourself!

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But regardless, ISIS and Al Qaeda are both non state actors, meaning they have no country. They are terrorist. Bring the damn troops home, we have a home grown terrorist organization ourselves.

I know ya'll like to pretend that Christians are better, than Muslims and anyone else. But again, I call Bullsh*t. The KKK are Christians and the KKK are terrorist responsible for bombing churches and babies.

Trump runs around sayin' why don't moderate Muslims turn in their radicals before they do this crazy sh*t. But then I wonder why don't moderate Christians turn in Christian fanatics before they walk into a church and kill everyone there just because they are black and want to start a race war.

Then it came to me. Like a bolt of lightning out of the sky. Let the KKK fight ISIS.

I know the military industrial complex will pry try to kill me for saying such things. After all there's billions of dollars at stake. But those are our tax dollars and I say we vote on this. Send the Marines and keep bombing Assad at a cost of millions and millions of dollars or just send the KKK to Syria.

Let them ride around in their robes. Burn a few crosses and lynch a few people they think dress funny. Let the KKK fight ISIS and bring the troops home.

Now when you first saw that title you pry thought I'd lost my cotton pickin mind. But besides all of the money we'd save there are plenty of other benefits to my plan you maybe over looking. But just open your mind up to the possibilities.

I know we've tried for decades to rid ourselves of the Klan, but it's not working. Why not use what we got.

Stop trying to fight a war with a bunch of camel herders that don't even have a Navy, an Air force or a military budget. It's not working, get a clue.

Or keep flushing billions of dollars down the toilet that could've been spent here at home, on Americans. On roads, schools, hospitals, parks. Beefing up Social Security, you name it. Not so crazy is it?

Boston marathon bombing, San Bernardino massacre, Orlando massacre, we pay the FBI, CIA, NSA, TSA and the Department of Homeland Security how much each year? Too damn much.

Of course the FBI would like to point to their successes. They claim to have stopped over a dozen terrorist plots. The problem, well there's two actually. First, the terrorist that were stopped by the FBI couldn't light a match on their own. They had neither the means, the know how nor the funds to carry through with their threats. Upon further inspection, every one of these cases required the FBI providing the plans, the bombs, explosives or weapons and the money to purchase them.

All the while real terrorist have gone on committing horrendous acts of violence with obviously nothing standing in their way.

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So what are the solutions of the greatest minds in America? Trump has two solutions, one limit immigration and if there had only been someone with a gun, and they happened to be able to shoot the terrorist before any of this happened, then it could've been prevented.

With lame ass solutions like this I bet ya'll can't wait till he's commander in chief, huh?

Then the other brilliant mind in America says that she will ban assault weapons and increase the terrorism watch list.

But we already know that a ban on assault weapons will only keep them out of law abiding citizens hands not the criminals. So this sounds like more lame ass BS to me.

But be forewarned America, if either one of these crooks gets into the White House they both plan on turning America into a police state. Mark my words.

The troops, does anybody here remember the troops? Remember sending them into the wrong country and torturing a bunch of Iraqi's that had nothing to do with 9/11?

Remember that when the British did this same torture crap in Ireland that it created the IRA, a homegrown terrorist organization responsible for bombings and other so called terrorist acts?

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Remember a candidate that promised to end the wars and bring the troops home? How long has this war gone on? And your leaders see no end in sight, do they?

All of the bums that you elected also own stocks in defense contractors so ending the war would actually cost them money, wouldn't it? But then if it wasn't for Underground Newz where else would you get this knowledge? I dunno, since I'm the only one that ever reports on it.

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